> Ya Lyublu (I Love) Russian Vogue


The other day I felt like treating myself, so I picked up the February issue of Russian Vogue for the "Forget Visionaire!" price of $15.99. As you can clearly see, this is the British-inspired issue. Devoted to "ANGLOMANIA" it also promises "STELLA MCCARTNEY," "KATE MOSS," "DANIEL CRAIG, (THE) NEW JAMES BOND" and "COOL BRITANNIA." I was intrigued by the Russian perspective on all of the above, and since it's probably not going to come up in conversation otherwise, I thought I'd share some images scanned from the magazine. For English readers, there is a small but thoughtful section in the very back where articles are translated into a condensed version. Notes editor Aliona Doletskaya, " Britain. For things the British would certainly not regard as cool...even if you have been to England a hundred times, you still get that particular rush of adrenalin which, on returning to snow-swept Russia, prompts you to bore all your friends with stories of hunting with Lord N, to wear a beige Burberry in all weather, preferably accompanied by a figure-hugging Roland Mouret dress and a Anya Hindmarch bag. Then you flit off to a club, a party, or a premiere at the Bolshoi Theatre..."