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I read this over two evenings last week, and confess that, to my surprise, I was bored most of the time, and began to skim read parts of it. The effect was to wonder if my own journals might be just as boring to anyone not connected with or personally effected by them; and after a look, decided they would be. I did not want to be bored by Sontag's youthful thoughts, but I surely was. I did wonder if the parts cut from it might have been better, meaning more interesting, but we'll never know.

I read both massive volumes of John Fowles' journals and was only bored from time to time, infrequently. So maybe there is a special gift in maintaining an interesting journal, one that I do not have.

No one should be allowed to pick up a camera without reading Sontag's writings on photography.

I didn't and don't agree with all that she wrote but it forced me to think through exactly why I disagreed.

Wonderful writer.

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