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Lauren-- I am loving this-- Scotland was the one, the single, place I ever wanted to go as a kid, as a college student-- and still, I've never been-- I LOVE reading your glimpses--- un grand merci--

You are the loveliest of "life" writers. Hope all is well, love.

YOU are divine. seriously. come to paris next time. sorry I missed you in NY... maitresse post dedicated to LC forthcoming.

Thank you all for your kind words! This is one of my favorite posts and it crossed my mind tonight when a cute Australian, I think, bartender said, "What kind of fur is that? It looks warm," And I was like, "I don't know, I bought in a thrift store... Polar bear? Golden retriever?" And then I thought as I always do, "God, when did men get SO INTO FASHION?" XX, LC

I love Glasgow! I did my year abroad at the Glasgow School of Art, literally just so that I could go to school at that beautiful building. Too bad you didn't spend more time there... I've been wanting to go back.

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