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I love shrimp-flavored chips and strawberry Pocky sticks. I also like Golden Corral's mac and cheese (found only in the american south), and I'd have to second Bryan on In and Out!

Something tells me Lux Lotus has one of those Dale Earnhardt Water Globes parked right on top of her Television set. What NASCAR fan wouldn’t want ol #3 in view while they gobble up one of those pecan logs? I like saying “pecan log”. I will be in LA next month for my In and Out fix and of course 5 or 6 carne asada burritos.

A really first rate cheeseburger w/decent mustard & ketchup along with crisp home fries. Did you see that some people that have eaten at Shake Shack lately have had the runs? (via eater) Incroiyable!

I had forgotten how much I LOVED Stuckey's when I was a kid. Really, it made me tear up to see the pecan logs. Thank you, Windowlicker!

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