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I say 'feh!' to Mrs. Wilkes. Even before the scourge of MITGOGAE it was beset by every tour bus that came through. I found the sides to be uneven, unless you like okra. Go to Nita's Place every time over this.

Rob: if you see this, also check out:

Try the VFW (Bull just south of Brighter Day, south end of the park) for a dive bar. The most credible 'haunted' story I ever heard involved this place. If Adrian is tending, you could do no worse in getting stories about city over the past 15 years. And tho it's not as grungy as it used to be, Vinnie's is still the best Pizza south of Maryland. For local seafood (requires a car), go to Desposito's (under the Thunderbolt Bridge) -- believe the hype.

If you end up driving around for local color, don't bother with Chico's Monkey Farm, unless you are into mostly empty lots (if it's even still that; development on 17 is like weeds). I sort of am, so maybe take that with a grain of salt.

I remember Pinky Masters and his bar from the late 60s. Pinky was always had a king size cigarette dangling from his lower lip; he never smoked. Nor did he drink. We newspaper guys (and the tv news guys) putting the paper to bed would gather at Pinky's. He'd close and lock the doors at the legally appointed time, but would keep the doors open as long as we wanted. No one ran for statewide political office without calling on Pinky.

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Just wanted to let you know it's Elizabeth on 37th!

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