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You two are funny! Reading that was SOOOOO much better than the excrutiating pain that is actually watching a Woody Allen film. For my money he only ever made one good one: Purple Rose of Cairo and I suspect that if I were to see it again it would turn out to suck.

Please to go see more bad films!

Yes! Yes! Yes! My friend Linda and I saw it and we thought the same thing. What a bore on so many levels. Just ridiculous. --Kim

Great review. I wasn't planning on seeing it anyway. This just confirms my doubts only more so. Woody Allen has made me laugh in the past though and that's not a bad thing.

This is great - I liked the film more than you, but I thought (perhaps mistakenly) that some of the things were intentional, like a faux murder story with the only real purpose being to show that you can't really become those rich people.

I can't say much about the upper British classes, but I have known some Americans (and I'm told the movie was originally to be set in the Hamptons) that were that kind of *seriously* rich, and they, like these characters, couldn't take anything seriously. Like the opera scenes - there was no emotion there, everyone just staring forward - they take their art as a matter of course or privilidge, as they do everything - there's no emotion or desire (except fertility, up until recently, something that money couldn't buy).

The guy wanted to be something he was not and he did indeed become something he was not, a murderer, but not what he thought he would become. The rich people were deliberately (of Allen) unaware (you're right about that work as an excuse when the family owns the company, and gee, the wife doesn't get that he's got a shotgun shell in his hand?), because they were self-absorbed - Chris was invisible to them, like poor people were invisible to them in their rich, monotone lives. That, I think was the point, anyway.

I also liked the "luck" conceit, particularly with the ring at the end. Although there was nothing about luck that put him there, it was pure deceit. The "Crime and Punishment" foreshadowing in the beginning set up the whole story, because that echoed the deceit, luck foil, on several levels.

Anyway, after having said all that rambling nonesense, I loved your review!

- Bud

agreed. the movie was wrong on so many levels. it was a dumb highdea to make a movie that is fullof boring cliche crap until the last 60 seconds. that dorky twist was too little too late. duh.

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