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I haven't seen "Shopgirl" yet. (Hell, I haven't even seen "The 40 Year Old Virgin" yet. So woefully behind on movies I am, that I'm going to have to spend a good portion of Thanksgiving weekend catching up.) But I should point out that, traditionally speaking, comedies have never been about cinematography -- in part, because they continue to be placed lower in the artistic pantheon than traditional drama. Hell, look at any Blake Edwards film: always long takes. But they generally deliver the goods.

Definitely true, Ed - except Shopgirl is definitely angling for the "arty" angle, and so I expected more in that regard.

But still, a worthwhile film, and a very well-done literary adaptation.


wow-- THAT is a review! I'm there--

I am so glad you two liked this....I thought it was fantastic.
I can't remember, have you seen The Squid and the Whale yet? Also very good. Funny + depressing.

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