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I am a total Lush whore. I love going into the store, how you smell it down the block and how you can't really smell anything while you're there. Love. The. Lush.

And their stuff tends to last a reallly long time, comparatively speaking. (I just ran out of Karma perfume that I bought TWO years ago.)

But basically, other than that and the sample size crap my grandmother gives me a bag of every time I see her, I'm a neutrogena drug store girl.


Yes -- I am close to wearing short shorts with LUSH printed across the back, just to testify my love. The Big shampoo has SEA SALT and LIME JUICE in it, both of which are clearly discernable and the perfect antidote to hot sticky weather.

Yeah, the drugstore can be marvelous -- there is a line called Apt. 5 that is exclusive to the Duane Reade chain here in New York that is pretty smashing, if only for the packaging -- clear, square Lucite -- alone. The colors and price point are perfect for impulse buys. The Duane Reade shopping bag is also known for its low-down chic mystique.

The rest of the time, I spend wishing that I had Gwyneth's budget for a macrobiotic chef and all the genuinely "rich hippie" Dr. Haushka products a woman could desire.


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