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I think the biggest surprise of the next 20-30 years may well be the return of Marxism to the world scene...

Agreed. I'm not a Marxist, but Marxism offers the most insightful critique of capitalism and its (inevitable?) race to the bottom.

Yeah, if you had asked me my political leanings until I was about 20, I probably would have said, Neoliberal or Libertarian, and if I had voted, definitely Republican.

There was certainly a point where the pendulum swung 100% the other way, and a few years working for "social justice" certainly cured me of ANY inclinations that might have led me down that path in the first place.

I think the applications of Marxism are pretty horrendous in real life, but Marxian theory offers a compelling critique of the shortcomings of wholly unregulated markets. Too many people try to subtract their natural human tendencies towards social behavior out of the economic equasion.

Like, if you were walking down the street, and someone were dying and obviously in great distress, would you step over them and go on your way? Maybe/maybe not. But would you take into account the economic factors that had led both of you to that moment in time? I don't think most Americans ever do.

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