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I love too much Brody.She has a great style and she is the best female who is playing guitar and singing

brody could wear anything and still own the punk as fuck attitude and spit it in your face. rose can do that too dont forget how awsome she is aswell X

brody is my freakin hero!! she has an amazing voice...she is gorgeous and a great guitarist!! she is the eye of all envy...and you betcha she has great style!!

I love Brody soo much. she's so fucking sexy.. I'd do her, i really would. and i'm straight. xD i really want her though, i guess you could call me brodysexual. =) mmm..brody sex.. XD anyway, yeah i'm in love with her. she's so amazing.. peaceee

for fuck sake...she is awsome..I don t have enough word to describe her..I m a female but I would have sex with her..hhaaha.. I m not jocking.. punk forever!!

eu chupava ela eim


she's the most sexy rockstar x)

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