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I'm just a cartoonist and model, so my attention span is quite limited! I discovered this site when I googled myself to see if I was in TNY magazine this week (I am, it turns out). But I don't really understand it. I'm very flattered to be mentioned in it! What exactly is this site? Please tell me, it looks very interesting! Does one subscribe to it for info about great art and events? I'm unfamiliar with the concept of the blog, too. Do tell me anything that will help me use this site well.
Yours truly,
carolita johnson

Hi Carolita,

Lux Lotus is my personal weblog, devoted to my many interests. I write mostly about art, politics, and style, broadly defined, of course, and there is a New York slant to things because I that's where I live. I post information whenever something catches my eye. I thought your work and biographical details in that article sounded really intriguing. In addition to regular commentary about all of the aboe, I also try to post about interesting events and happenings, and write a weekly column for the popular literary weblog MaudNewton.com called "The Smart Set."

I love your work! Thanks for stopping by-


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