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I had to write a memoir in 7th Grade as an English assignment. You can imagine. It was a tell-all to end all. I wish I still had it. It's probably still available on microfilm in my "permanent records." I can recall certain passages....I was not kind to those who had wronged me.

Elegance was a theme that ran through it, however. Female elegance, that is--my mother, whom I estimated had married far beneath herself (perhaps true, perhaps not, it was love); and my two glorious paternal aunts who had the good graces to teach me to eat with a fork and knife at an early age, early planning for the high school graduation party they were already planning for me at the elegant Luau Room in Dallas, which did happen.

My lifetime goal of spending my life on the stage and in front of the camera. Which did not happen.

Oh how I suffered for my art at age 13. By age 32 I'd sold out so long ago that I actually ENJOYED writing advertising copy. That's how ill I had become.

Fabulous, fabulous article which I am just printing out.
Be careful Lauren, you are going to cost me a new printer soon!

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