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Such an amazing interview!

What a great interview! I absolutely love her inspirations in the last paragraph...inspiration can come from anything. Great blog!

That was so fun, Lauren! Thank you!

Wonderful. I adore you both. Ta ta!

I forgot to mention one of my major influences-the woman I worked for in Portland, Oregon, at the marvelous vintage shop "Keep 'Em Flying", Pammela Springfield.
Pammela is fearless and artful, and completely recognizable. She can be seen from five blocks away. She is a style icon for the entire world-we can all learn from her. Thank you, Pammela. You continue to inspire, 3000 miles away.

Sally you are an amazing, amazing woman. Miss those Saturdays with you, walking around half naked and rummaging knee-deep in that incredible closet. Even that golden mirror that reflected back faces elated from finding a fit with your beautiful dresses, it felt like all a dream.

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