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You're going to run out of things to do* if you keep this pace up.

*Well, things that don't involve heroic boozing and/or hooliganism

True! Am loving it though. Edinburgh is my romantic ideal: handsome, refined, perpetually overcast, easily navigated yet endlessly mysterious. I've been amusing myself, as always; just got back from a poetry reading where I asked if fairy poems are ironic. Guess what? NO. NAE AT ALL. XX, LC

Obviously, I agree that Edinburgh is the romantic ideal! So glad you are having a good time. Some cute shops in with the brick-a-brac on The Royal Mile. Also, I love the Scottish store "Anta," which has moved and I think is in the Grassmarket now. Not sure. A book to read while you are there: Ian Banks' "The Crow Road." Good writing and story-telling and very, very Scottish. BBC did an adaptation too, but I've yet to see it.

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