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I've always wanted to go to Jersey, though I guess it's sort of overrun with pensioners. But they have a film festival. And, according to wikipedia, a remarkable biodiversity with over four different kinds of native rodents. Any interest?

Cumberland Island is really nice, but petting the horses--to say nothing of amorous advances--is a bad idea. And if you get tired of a froofy B&B you can stay at the awesomely hippy Hostel in the Forest. How could you not want to stay someplace with a Chicken of the Month?

noticed the villa winner in this years uk
bazaar travel guide is in cornwall too
& it is called the
"pencalenick house"

P.S. And whateva happened w/ goin 2the the lodge, summerhouse in scotland? The scene looked soooo serene.....

dude, i've been to cumberland island, it is INCREDIBLE. just don't go in august. way too hot.

and the horsies are fine, you just can't pet them.

It is so cold this morning I keep thinking about Lisbon. The peasant-feeling brought on by the dollar exchange might not feel so terrible with sardines and wine for dinner and the warm bath of the sea, the sea to admire!

oh & in the same travel issue (
it says a luxe for less dream escape is "the cove" @ Lamorna Bay, Cornwall.. Looks like it is close 2 mousehole village: picture-postcard lovliness as u stroll dramatic clifftops...

turkey is amazing...and the turkish lira has a good exchange rate with the US dollar, not to mention that turkey is fairly affordable in general!

in the US, I loved yellowstone national park, key west, monterey (california), seattle.

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