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You were born to late to be into vans. I wasn't born too early. I just never got the appeal. Betwixt and between whatever. Do like the fabulosity factor of the pix though.

Wow, you have no memory of the van era? I really am getting old.

Big boxy American vans, often with a dome window on the side near the back, and crazy airbrushed fantasy/sci-fi/cheesecake artwork, were all over south Florida in the late '70s.

Eventually these died out, and were replaced with minivans, which were blandly family-oriented and had none of the kitsch factor. Kind of like tacky glittery platform disco shoes vs. sensible vanilla Reeboks. Of course the minivans got way better gas mileage, and didn't have that skeezy child molester vibe.

Tragically my first memories of vans are probably a decade after the "Truck-in' Era," e.g. rusted out and none too chic.

es lo maximo...

As the editor of Vans & the Truckin' Life (by Terry Cook, foreword by me), I think it's just great that the book is remembered at all!

Van were really hot in the 70s. There must have been 5 other books published at the time, and I'm pleased that this is the one that seems to have endured over the years.

Thanks for the attention.

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